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... and how we do what we do

To begin with, everything we make is actually made by us. We have our own facility, located in Sofia, Bulgaria and both head office and production are in one place. It has always been crucial for us to keep our production at home, especially in a time when most of what we wear is with a questionable origin.

The production of technical sportswear is complicated enough on its' own but add customisation in the mix and you'll never have a boring day at work. We've achieved a successful workshop-style environment where everyone has a hand in the end product.


And since we're firm believers in the picture that's worth a thousand words, we've put together a video for you to show you what a typical day in BRYZOS looks like


(please don't judge us on our film production skills, we're good with clothes but creativity can only go this far)

We do this for every client, for every order, no matter how big or small. Outsourcing is just not for us and we believe it's not for you either. We see our work as a craft, which has become a rarity in today's world. It may be the hard way but the way we see it, our clients don't practice sports because it's easy and they deserve to receive the same dedication and persistence from us.

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