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... and why we do what we do


It all started with orienteering.  The sport holds a very special place in the heart of the company as we've been involved with it all our lives, practicing it since childhood. It is our community and we do everything to preserve it and popularise the sport.


Fun fact - our CEO was even the Chairman of the Bulgarian Orienteering Federation a couple of years ago. 

The founders of Siven Sport were the first producers of orienteering sportswear in Bulgaria. Being orienteers themselves, they knew what was needed to run like a maniac in the woods - mainly a lack of common sense, but also equipment strong enough to endure the tough environment, light enough not to be noticeable

None of options offered on the local market were in any way suitable so it was up to them to provide the right clothes. The first company was founded in the early 90s and the rest is history, or so to speak.

Since then, there have been multiple ventures in various areas but the love for sports has always been there. 

Siven Sport was founded in 2008 as a side project, providing the kits for a couple of orienteering teams in Bulgaria. At the time, the company was actually producing women's fashion.  The word spread and not long after, orders were coming from all over Europe. It was time to get our priorities straight and concentrate fully on what we know best - sportswear. We gave ourselves a new name, we invested in the latest technological innovations in manufacturing and scouted the world's fairs for the best fabrics, suitable for an active lifestyle. This time around we applied our knowledge not only to the orienteering range but also started working with some of the best professional athletes in Bulgaria, including the National biathlon team, National rowing team and our best speed-skating athlete who won an Olympic medal with our suit. The insight and feedback we've got from all of them has been invaluable and crucial for our growth. They've made us better and we can't thank them enough. We hope we'll always be here to give them the support they need. 


Since then we've had the pleasure to form long-lasting partnerships with representatives, event organisers, non-profits and sports federations within the orienteering community and beyond. But most of all, we can't believe how lucky we are to get to create alongside all of you and see your ideas come to life. So here is a massive Thank You to all of you who have put your trust in us! We're all getting better together! 

If you want to know more about our production process and the fabrics we use, you can find more information here.



Ani Veneva

Founder & CEO


Vasil Fotinov

Marketing & sales


Vency Venev



Savina Dimitrova

Logistics and Customer service


Viara Veneva

Design and customer service


The production team

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