H Height - from the top of the head to the floor, keeping a straight posture

A Chest -  around the chest horizontally at the widest point

B Waist - around the narrowest part of your waist

C Hips - around the widest part, keeping your feet together

D Arm length - from the top of your shoulder to the wrist, keeping your arm relaxed

E Waist to floor - from the waist to the floor, keeping your leg straight

F Inside leg - from the top of your inside leg to the floor, keeping your legs straight

J Thigh girth - around the widest point of the thigh

K Shoulder width - across the back horizontally, from shoulder to shoulder

Please pay extra attention to the measurement table. It is possible to notice differences in sizes when compared to other manufacturers. BRYZOS follows the measurements quoted here and cannot be held responsible for wrongly taken measurments.

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